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Member NFIB

Bandsaw Blade Grinding Equipment

Bandsaw Blade Grinder from Dynabrade
Remove weld slag from the top, bottom, and back of bandsaw blades . . . even between blade teeth
Dynabrade Model 64500 Bandsaw Blade GrinderModel 64500 Bandsaw Blade Grinder
Voltage: 120 V(AC)
Phase: 1
Frequency: 60 Hz
Weight: 145 pounds
Width: 34 1/2 inches
Depth: 23 inches
Height: 26 inches
For additional information on our Dynabrade Bandsaw Blade Grinding equipment, please call Farris Belt and Saw at 1-800-237-9917 or use our online Request Information form.
Blade Grinder Bandsaw Blade Grinder Bandsaw Blade Grinder - blade bottom
Butt weld slag shown positioned
in target weld removal area
Weld slag is removed by engaging Push-Down Lever,
which lowers abrasive belt onto blade
Bandsaw Blade Grinder - weld slag removal
Removing weld slag from back
of blade, by contacting it
with abrasive disc
Bandsaw blade grinder - removing excess from gullet teeth
Removing weld slag and
excess from gullet (teeth)
with cut-off wheel
Dynabrade bandsaw blade grinder
Bandsaw blade grinder - portable vacuum system
Convenient connnection to
optional portable vacuum
or central vac system
bandsaw blade grinder - abrasive belt
Tension of abrasive belt is
easily adjusted for optimum
grinding capability
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